FELLOWSHIP: Bodreau Interns at the Dept. of Homeland Security

FELLOWSHIP: Bodreau Interns at the Dept. of Homeland Security

NORTON, Mass. - Eighteen Wheaton College student-athletes have earned fellowships this summer through the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services that will enrich their academic experiences. 

The Davis International and Porter Cleveland fellowships are just a few examples of the Wheaton Edge – a promise that every single student will receive financial support for an internship, research position or other experiential learning opportunity by the time they graduate.

Throughout the summer, the athletics department will feature the student-athletes taking part in these fellowships, including a guard from the women's basketball team Jillian Bodreau '18

A double major in political science and Hispanic studies, from Quinebaug, Conn., Bodreau will intern with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration, and Customs Enforcement, Office of Chief Counsel in Hartford, Conn.

Wheaton Athletics: Tell me a little bit about your fellowship. 

Jill Bodreau: This summer I am interning at the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of the Chief Counsel. My duties include filing, conducting country research, assisting ICE attorneys during their court cases, and gaining first-hand experience of immigration, terrorism, and human rights abuses. 

WA: What interested you in the fellowship? 

JB: What interested me in the fellowship was the opportunity to practice what I am studying, in the real world. As a double major in political science and Hispanic studies, learning about the legal systems within the United States is very important to me, along with other cultures as well. This internship allows me to do just this. 

WA: What experiences are you hoping to gain from your fellowship? 

JBI hope to gain more experience regarding immigration into this country. I also hope to gain more knowledge within the judicial branch of the government, while simultaneously continuing practicing, speaking, and writing the Spanish language. 

WA: What are your career aspirations and how will this help you achieve them? 

JB: I plan to work for the United States Department of Defense, specifically in Homeland Security. In whatever job I pursue, I aspire to continue being bilingual and using Spanish frequently.

This experience will help me reach my career aspirations by gaining insight within the Department of Homeland Security. Also, being involved in Immigration and Customs Enforcement, I use Spanish daily.

WA: How will this experience make you a better leader at Wheaton and on your team? 

JB: This experience will make me a better leader at Wheaton and on my team because I will better understand different situations that my classmates are in. It is also helping me interact with people of many different cultures and improving those skills. I will continue to be a good leader on the women's basketball team by being someone that my teammates can trust. 

WA: Finally, why do you think these opportunities are beneficial to Wheaton students? 

JB: These opportunities are beneficial to Wheaton students because, without them, this internship experience would not be possible. Wheaton has provided me the opportunity to spend a summer interning in the career I aspire to be a part of. Opportunities like fellowships and internships are one of the reasons that make Wheaton so great and why the alumni are so successful. These opportunities allow firsthand experience in the career path of your choosing and provide a stipend as well, in order to ensure you are receiving all that you can out of the learning opportunity.