Wheaton Athletic Mentors

The Wheaton Athletic Mentors (WAMs), which is the school's student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC), are a select group of student-athletes who provide a forum for the student-athletes and to serve as a liaison between the student-athletes and administration at the academic and athletic levels. The WAMs design and implement programs to encourage academic achievement, health promotion and social responsibility to enhance the student-athlete experience. Follow the WAMs on twitter: @LyonWAMS

2016-17 WAMs Executive Board


Kelly Ludew '17


Casey Buchholz '17


      Zach Goodwin-Boyd '17 


Emily Cuthbertson '18

2016-17 WAMs Committee Membership

Name Cl. Hometown Team
Zachary Goodwin-Boyd full bio Zachary Goodwin-Boyd 17 Florence, Mass. Baseball
Jimmy Gowen full bio Jimmy Gowen 18 Brielle, N.J. Baseball
Amelia Gage full bio Amelia Gage Sr Lebanon, N.H. Field Hockey
Salena Helmreich full bio Salena Helmreich Sr Sanford, Maine Field Hockey
Hailey Kohler full bio Hailey Kohler Jr Flemington, N.J. Field Hockey
Riley Thompson full bio Riley Thompson Jr Fairfield, Conn. Field Hockey
Matt Filardo full bio Matt Filardo 17 East Greenwich, R.I. Men''s Lacrosse
Timothy Berry full bio Timothy Berry 17 Sterling, Mass. Men's Basketball
Ben Christopher full bio Ben Christopher 17 Northampton, Mass. Men's Basketball
Eric Kogan full bio Eric Kogan 18 Milford, Conn. Men's Cross Country
Casey Buchholz full bio Casey Buchholz 17 North Granby, Conn. Men's Lacrosse
Will Morrison full bio Will Morrison 17 Osterville, Mass. Men's Lacrosse
Sean Hurlburt full bio Sean Hurlburt Jr Kingston, Mass. Men's Soccer
Dimitri Roumeliotis full bio Dimitri Roumeliotis Jr Scarborough, Maine Men's Soccer
David Bowen full bio David Bowen 17 Cumberland, R.I. Men's Swimming & Diving
Todd Lambert full bio Todd Lambert 17 Mansfield, Conn. Men's Swimming & Diving
Tyler Butler full bio Tyler Butler 18 Portland, Maine Men's Tennis
Alden Zeff full bio Alden Zeff 17 Stratham, N.H. Men's Tennis
Braden Marstaller full bio Braden Marstaller 18 Durham, Maine Men's Track & Field
Katelyn Andrade full bio Katelyn Andrade 17 Seekonk, Mass. Softball
Caroline Fairbanks full bio Caroline Fairbanks 17 Milford, Mass. Softball
Emmeli Gordon full bio Emmeli Gordon 17 Charlottesville, Va. Synchronized Swimming
Andreina Rojas full bio Andreina Rojas 18 San Juan, Puerto Rico Synchronized Swimming
Claire Cansler full bio Claire Cansler So Newhall, Calif. Volleyball
Stephanie Martin full bio Stephanie Martin Jr Centerville, Mass. Volleyball
Sophie Black full bio Sophie Black 17 Gloucester, Mass. Women's Basketball
Emily Cuthbertson full bio Emily Cuthbertson 18 Hudson, N.H. Women's Basketball
Oppie Morris full bio Oppie Morris 18 Ware, Mass. Women's Basketball
Ruthie Zientek full bio Ruthie Zientek 18 Holmdel, N.J. Women's Basketball
Maddi Groen full bio Maddi Groen 18 Seattle, Wash. Women's Cross Country
Hannah Gasperoni full bio Hannah Gasperoni 17 Hampton, N.H. Women's Lacrosse
Megan Hemmerlein full bio Megan Hemmerlein 18 Contoocook, N.H. Women's Lacrosse
Amy Livermore full bio Amy Livermore 19 Ludlow, Mass. Women's Lacrosse
Katie Clay-McBee full bio Katie Clay-McBee Jr Mount Vernon, Wash. Women's Soccer
Carly Costello full bio Carly Costello Jr Holyoke, Mass. Women's Soccer
Kelley Baylis full bio Kelley Baylis 17 Newtown, Conn. Women's Swimming & Diving
Lucy Frey full bio Lucy Frey 18 Andover, Mass. Women's Swimming & Diving
Jodi Katz full bio Jodi Katz 18 Needham, Mass. Women's Tennis
Michelle Trainor full bio Michelle Trainor 17 Amesbury, Mass. Women's Tennis
Kelly Ludew full bio Kelly Ludew 17 Lebanon, N.H. Women's Track & Field

Contact Information

If you would like to contact the WAMs, please do so through the WAMs Coordinators:

Emily Kiablick
WAMs Coordinator
26 East Main Street
Norton, MA 02766

Craig Letourneau
WAMs Coordinator
26 East Main Street
Norton, MA 02766


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WAMs Constitution
Athletic Department Alcohol Policy