July 28, 2014



Hello all!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and loving our blogs!  My name is Kirsten (Kirt), I will be a senior next year. It’s weird to think that I will be graduating college next year, time really does fly when you’re having fun. My time at Wheaton has been amazing. I will definitely be sad to see it come to an end, but with the help of my team, family and friends it has been a great ride.

Unlike most seniors in college who get internships and jobs that will help them in their future after graduation, I decided to travel this summer. My cousin and roommate studied abroad in Australia during the spring semester. However, they got out of school later than I did, so my friend from high school and I decided to travel to Australia to visit them as well as some family friends.

Our first part of the trip was in Sydney, which was a very cool city! We did not spend many days in Sydney, but one of the coolest and scariest things that we did was climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. For those of you who don’t know me I am HORRIFED of heights, so I am not quite sure why I agreed to do it. The only thing that I thought while climbing it was, “please just get me down!” Although I was terrified and thought the bridge was going to collapse while I was up there I would not change the experience that I had.

Our next stop was to Townsville, which was where my cousin and roommate were studying. This was not a touristy area so we spent a few days at the beach, went to the aquarium and did a lot of hiking. My favorite part of my trip was in Townsville where just about a twenty-minute ferry ride away from town was an island called Magnetic Island. We saw wild wallabies (they look similar to kangaroos but smaller) and a wild koala! It was so cool to see all the different animals especially wild ones. The views were unbelievable and the water was so blue! We were also lucky enough to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef! After about ten minutes of my friend and another girl on the trip trying to point out a ray to me, I finally figured out that what I was looking at was however, not a pile of sand on the bottom but… a ray! This was such a cool experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, my roommate and cousin were in finals so they spent the week studying, but were able to hike Magnetic Island with us and my cousin came out to the reef with us too. It was so nice to spend a week with my cousin and roommate after not seeing them for the past four months, especially in a different country!

Our final stop was to the Gold Coast where we had family friends staying. We spent these days in Surfer’s Paradise, which is a tourist area right on the beach. Most of my souvenir shopping was done here. We also went to the zoo where we got to hold a koala and pet kangaroos! I would love to have a pet kangaroo; they were so cute and laid back! It was great to see our family friends after two years and spend time with them. Unfortunately, our trip ended here which was very sad, two and a half weeks was not a long enough stay for me, I would have liked to spend a month maybe even two if I could have afforded it. Now I am home enjoying my time with my friends and family. Along with working out for basketball, I have been working at a couple of camps and babysitting here and there. Summer is almost over, unfortunately, so I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer and has enjoyed our blogs! Thanks for reading our blogs, stay tuned for more!

On top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge at night with the opera house lit up in the back.

Wild koala on Magnetic Island

View from one of the trails on Magnetic Island

Look how blue the water is out on the reef!

Hanging out with the kangaroos. Think Wheaton would let me have a pet kangaroo?


There is a reason why coach has never asked me to write the blog... so do not compare me to my fellow teammate bloggers who have done an amazing job!! As I sit here and stare at this blank white page wondering what I’m going to write about, it dawned on me. Writing this blog reminds me of those late night homework sessions with my roommates. This feeling is bitter sweet because I am excited to come back to school, but at the same time I am not ready for my summer to end. This summer has been chaotic. I am working four jobs!! Last summer, I didn’t even have one job because I backpacked across Europe for a month, so this is definitely a wakeup call. My first job is my summer internship which is at the University of Utah Hospital. I am doing research with a doctor, along with shadowing fellows and PA’s. This internship has been awesome so far. I have not only learned a lot, but I also have started to figure out what I do and do not want to do after I graduate.

My second job is a hostess at a local brewery called Squatters. This job can be totally stressful at times, but I really enjoy the environment. You get to meet so many different people, and if you don’t know... I love to talk :)

For my third job, I am working at a barn. Most people would hate this job, but I don’t mind shoveling horse excrement and hanging fences. Working at the barn has shown me what “working for your money” really means. I come home filthy and exhausted every day. The worst part at the barn is not the hard labor, it’s the scary rooster named Stanley. I have been attacked by him three times! He comes flying at you with his claws first. One word: terrifying. I have also been bitten by a goat; that was an experience too.  Lastly, my final job is working for my dad. My dad runs his own adult hockey league so I help him manage it by scorekeeping  and inputting the stats online.  

When I finally have free time you can find me horseback riding, hiking, boating and playing basketball, of course. The first weekend I was home, I went boating down at Utah Lake. The water was absolutely freezing and there was still snow in the mountains, but that didn’t stop me. Hiking this summer has been fantastic. I have found some new really awesome hikes that I wish I could bring the whole team on (I know Kenzie can agree with me on this one).

I think pictures are better than words, so to fill the rest of my blog space here are tons of pictures from my last summer of being an undergrad!

We took a night hike and this was our view of the valley and downtown Salt Lake City.

This is "my ocean." This lake is my favorite of all time and coincidentally it is called Rockport.

This is at my grandparents' house in Peoa, Utah where my horse lives. My great grandfather built this barn.

Look who came to Utah!! The beautiful Romans' family and Jeffy. We met up for lunch at the Brewery I work at.

My grandma is ready for the Kentucky Derby :)
She is going to be 86 this year and is still the sassiest woman I know.

My beautiful mom!

Almost home!

This is my baby, Bobo.

Another hike I went on with my best friends (Ethan, Me, Amanda and my brother Daniel).

This is from the first weekend I got home when I went boating in Utah Lake. Look you can still see the snow on the mountains.

These last two pictures are of my handsome brothers! Daniel is 19 and Sam just turned 14. We are basically three peas in a pod :)


Hi all,

I hope this blog finds everyone well since Kenzie posted. My name is Laura, or LP, as most of my teammates and coaches call me, and I am going to be a senior this year. This will be my fifth year here at Wheaton, as I missed my sophomore year due to an injury. As hard as it was to see both Stick and Fitz graduate in May, I am excited to get back to school in September and get the season started. 

This week, as part of my summer internship, I have been down at Duke University. As I’ve gotten closer to graduation, I’ve really had to start thinking about what I want to do after I graduate, as do all my fellow seniors. I’ve always loved basketball and it’s always been a huge part of my life. Coaching has always been something that I’ve thought about, but as this past year progressed, it has become something I truly want to do. With that being said, the idea of doing a coaching internship originated last summer after talking to Coach Hodgdon.

So, on July 4th, I hopped on a plane in Boston and flew by myself for the first time down to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. Michele Van Gorp, who served as my internship supervisor and played for Duke and in the WNBA, greeted me at the airport. While I was at camp, there were two different sessions. From July 5-8, there was an overnight camp that consisted of ages 10-17. From July 7-11 was Lil’ Hoopers, which ranged from kids ages 6-13. Both camps really gave me two completely different insights into coaching. During both camps, I served as assistant director. This role basically consisted of me helping out Michele in any way possible to make sure the camps were running as smoothly as possible. The cool thing about this was that I got to know my way around Cameron Indoor Stadium, the K Center (the team’s practice facility), Wilson center (which is more for intramurals), and Card gym (just another facility to use the courts). All of these, except for Card, was air conditioned, which was great for the heat down here. The fact that I was able to see all of these places was amazing. The first day I walked into the K Center and looked into the weight room and Coach K was in there lifting! 

The first session of camp I was able to see how the different counselors coached their team, helped prepare for the second session of camp, and got to learn about the different aspects of Duke Basketball. The second session of camp proved a little more challenging for myself. The first day of camp overlapped with the first session so it was very hectic! I had to help coach a team for the first day and I had the very little kids ages 6-8. I haven’t always been known to be a very patient person, so this really helped me work on that. The rest of the week I just helped assist the counselors with their teams and make sure that all the kids were behaving and making it from gym to gym okay. 

Overall, my experience down at Duke was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It helped me go outside my comfort zone and go down to a place where I didn’t know anyone. Everyone down at Duke was very welcoming and friendly; I felt comfortable right from the start. Of course, this whole experience couldn’t have been possible without the help of Michele Van Gorp, coach Hodgdon and Ben Chalot from the Filene Center. None of this would’ve happened without them, so thank you! My next week of camp will be at Wheaton from July 21-24 and then to Southern New Hampshire University the week after. Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of the teams’ posts!

Cameron Indoor Stadium

Coach P talking to the Lil' Hoopers

Trophy case for Duke Women's Basketball in the Hall of Fame


Hi all!

It feels good to be blogging for the Lyons again. Some of you may remember when I blogged “Kenzie’s Korner” as a freshman at Wheaton. While I am no longer a doe-eyed freshman with three seasons and a knee surgery under my belt, the past three years have led me to love Wheaton more than I could have ever expected both as a player and a student. I am especially excited about this upcoming season not only because it will be my last, but also because of my great teammates I get to share it with. Luckily, you will be hearing from all of them at some point this year on our team blog!!

While the season may seem like a long time from now, preparation starts this summer. So far I have been lucky enough to spend the first part of my summer training in my hometown of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It is hard not being able to play pick-up with my teammates back on the East Coast, but I do my best to lift, sprint, and get games in at my old high school and also at the local park with some of the guys - anything to keep me in shape and on top of my game so I am ready in the fall.

On the weekends and during any free time I have, I enjoy getting outside and exploring the awesome mountains that I miss during the school year. My travels have led me to beautiful places such as Arches National Park in Utah and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming (as well as the beautiful trails in my own valley!).

This June, I have tried to get as much training and hiking in as possible because my stay in Colorado will be cut short when I leave at the beginning of July to go to Siberia. Yes, Siberia. And no, I am not being exiled. It’s by choice. I have been given the amazing opportunity to travel to Siberia and conduct field research as a member of the Polaris Team. The Polaris Project is an organization with the goal of studying the effects of climate change on Arctic Ecosystems. From the home station of a floating barge, I will be adventuring around the Arctic tundra developing and carrying out my own research project.

While my excitement to embark on this journey cannot be properly expressed by words, living on the tundra for a month with little to absolutely no contact back home poses some challenges. The workout facility, without having to be said really, is not quite like the one I have in Colorado. Some creativity will have to be put into staying in shape, something I owe to my teammates back home so we can have a great season. Communication will be minimal (much to my mom’s disliking), but my fellow Polaris team members and I will be able to post a blog every couple days on the progress of our research and our time in Siberia. To read these blogs and the ones we have already posted in preparation for the trip check out www.thepolarisproject.org. And keep checking this blog for updates from my teammates and their own summer adventures!

Make sure to check out the photos below as well.


My Dad and I after a race!

Some of the beautiful mountains back home.

My Mom and I.

Strength of the LYON is the PACK

Welcome to our 2014-2015 blog. We are using a new twist this season. We have had some outstanding individual bloggers but have decided this season to have each person put forth a blog entry so you will get insight from everyone’s perspective. I guess I will start with a quote :)

Now this is the Law of the Jungle — as old and as true as the sky; And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die. 
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back — For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.  Rudyard Kipling

I believe this is my 23rd year of coaching college basketball, I will be honest, it is hard to keep track! Each year brings a new excitement for me and there is nothing I would rather do… well there is only one thing I would rather do and that would be putting on the jersey again as a student-athlete but the NCAA will not allow that.

This past week we have had five of our six first-year students on campus for CORE. Our entire campus did an amazing job with the programming. I especially loved the welcome session with Dean Williams, Provost Eisenmann and SAIL Director Andrea Holden. The highlight was the CORE leaders entering the stage to the Pharrell song “Happy” and doing a dance. It created a mood appropriate to kick off the 24 hours of CORE on a light hearted note. 

Our returning players are all over the place this summer. Currently Kirsten ’15 is in Australia. Kenzie ’15 leaves for Siberia in a few weeks, Alyssa ’16 is in the Philippines working on her knee rehab, LP ’15 leaves for an internship with Duke women’s basketball in a week or so. Everyone else is home working, doing internships and getting excited to return in August. Our game schedule is set for 2014-15. We will go to Hawaii for the “Hoop-n-Surf” tournament, play a tough NEWMAC schedule and play some top-25 teams. I honestly hate the time off between March and October; I am chomping at the bit watching the NBA Spurs ball movement with excitement of what this team is capable of. I am also excited for the fall because we will start our mentoring with the local 7th grade girls and our work with Heller’s Angels will resume.

Until then, our mantra is to ”make today matter.” In everything we do we want to get better and make an impact. In honor of Sarah Fitzgerald ’14 and her blogging awesomeness, I have attached pictures from this past week on campus. Keep your eye on our blog for the next Lyon to post! Until then……   

Coach Hodgdon

(Top left - Cow Duck and friends, Top Right - CORE Leaders dancing, Bottom - Three of the Super Six Freshmen)

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