FELLOWSHIP: Hill Learns the Inner Workings of a Hospital

FELLOWSHIP: Hill Learns the Inner Workings of a Hospital

NORTON, Mass. - Several Wheaton College student-athletes have earned fellowships this summer through the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services that will enrich their academic experiences. 

The Davis International and Porter Cleveland fellowships are just a few examples of the Wheaton Edge – a promise that every single student will receive financial support for an internship, research position or other experiential learning opportunity by the time they graduate.

Throughout the summer, the athletics department will feature the student-athletes taking part in these fellowships, including a guard on the women's basketball team Ashley Hill '20

A neuroscience major, Hill will intern at Catholic Medical Center Hospital in Manchester, N.H. 

Wheaton Athletics: Tell me a little bit about your fellowship. 

Ashley Hill: This summer I am interning at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, NH. I am shadowing physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, and doctors. The departments I am shadowing are cardiology, emergency room, family medicine, primary care, orthopedics, behavioral health, obstetrics, intensive care, and general surgery.

WA: What interested you in the fellowship? 

AH: Interning at CMC interested me because I am able to shadow various specialties in the hospital setting. Shadowing in the hospital will help me to gain insight and valuable experiences for my future career.  

WA: What experiences are you hoping to gain from your fellowship? 

AH: I hope to gain more knowledge of the medical field and medical professions, as well as understand the patient-centered model of health care more.

WA: What are your career aspirations and how will this help you achieve them? 

AH: My career aspirations are to become a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner. This experience will help me reach my goals by helping me decide what area of the medical field I would like to specialize in. It will also give me valuable hours and experiences alongside patients and professionals.

WA: How will this experience make you a better leader at Wheaton and on your team? 

AH: Interning at the hospital will help me to become a better leader at Wheaton and on my team because it demonstrates the importance of teamwork and communication for success. It also teaches the importance and skills of problem-solving.

WA: Finally, why do you think these opportunities are beneficial to Wheaton students? 

AH: Having the Wheaton Fellowship available allows Wheaton students to intern in fields or locations that they may not have been able to otherwise because it is unpaid. This opportunity is great and unique because most other schools do not offer anything like it. It allows Wheaton students to seize great opportunities that are very beneficial.  

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