131 Student-Athletes Named to Spring 2019 Dean's List

131 Student-Athletes Named to Spring 2019 Dean's List

NORTON, Mass. – The Wheaton College Department of Athletics had a total of 131 student-athletes named to the Spring 2019 Dean's List which was announced by the Office of the Registrar.

All of Wheaton's varsity programs are represented on the list, recognizing student-athletes who earned a 3.50-grade point average (GPA) or better during the fall semester. The Lyons' sophomores led the way with 38 honorees, while the first years were right behind with 33 representatives, followed by the junior and senior classes, both with 30 athletes recognized. The Lyons had 14 student-athletes earn a 4.0. 

The breakdown of student-athletes on Dean's List is solely based on the list provided by the Registrar's Office, which is subject to change and also can be found here: Dean's List Spring 2019.



Assad, Vanessa Softball
Brazis-Eberle, Jordan Field Hockey 
Cansler, Claire Volleyball
Carbonello, David Men's Basketball 
Connolly, Michelle Field Hockey
de Bracamonte, Ines Women's Tennis
Donaghy, Connor Men's Lacrosse
Doucette, Michael Men's Lacrosse
Dransfield, Kate Women's Swimming & Diving
Hotary, Nicholas Men's Tennis 
Lahm, Madeline Women's Lacrosse
Leighton, Charles Men's Lacrosse
MacGregor, Cathryn Volleyball/Track & Field
Mackin, Margaret Synchro 
Miceli, Rebecca Women's Cross Country/Track & Field 
Morgan, Matthew Men's Lacrosse 
Mosier, Allison Women's Swimming & Diving
O'Keefe, Connor Women's Tennis 
O'Rourk, Robert Men's Lacrosse 
Olander, Kira Women's Soccer 
Ongkiko, Lily Softball
Pearson, Liam Men's Lacrosse 
Rice, Rowan Women's Swimming & Diving
Ryser, Jeremiah Men's Tennis
Sposato, Timothy Men's Swimming & Diving
Talanian, Joshua Men's Lacrosse
Tetreault, Riley Men's Basketball
Tinory, Delia Women's Swimming & Diving
Trybuch, Joshua Baseball
Woodward, Chloe Softball



Aguirre Martinez, Jorge Men's Tennis
Bartlett, Lauren Field Hockey
Bernardy, Elizabeth Women's Swimming& Diving/Track & Field
Callahan, Lilly Women's Lacrosse
Cohan, Hollis Women's Swimming & Diving/Track & Field
Connolly, Shannon Women's Swimming & Diving
Cornelius, Savannah Synchro
Daley, Caitlin Women's Swimming & Diving
Darrell, Megan Women's Soccer
Dion, Karin Field Hockey
Domingos, Nathan Men's Soccer 
Fitzgerald, Neil Men's Soccer 
Gatanis, Thomas Men's Soccer
Gausland, Briana Women's Track & Field
Hill, Ashley Women's Basketball
Hodgson, Nathan Men's Soccer 
Janovic, Dylan Men's Lacrosse
Kehoe, Paige Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Lawler, Margaret Women's Swimming & Diving
Lowey, Robert Men's Basketball 
McLeman, Sara Women's Basketball 
Morrison, Madeline Women's Swimming & Diving
Pardi, Gina Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Pugliese, Elizabeth Synchro 
Raposo, Nicholas Baseball
Schwartzman, Kyra Women's Lacrosse
Sharick, Meghan Women's Lacrosse
Stewart, Jules Men's Soccer
Stump, Emma Synchro
Wind, Natalie Women's Basketball 



Arkin, Hannah Field Hockey/Softball
Brown, Katherine Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Buxeda, Sabrina Volleyball
Canastra, Neal Men's Lacrosse 
Casman, Jena Women's Lacrosse
Cavanagh, Cody Baseball 
Centola, Julia Women's Swimming & Diving
Cosgriff, Thomas Men's Lacrosse  
D'Augeli Jr., Mark Baseball
Daddario, Sarah Women's Track & Field
Davidson, Lauren Women's Track & Field
Deubner, Chloe Women's Swimming & Diving
Entwisle, William Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Esteban de Celis, Javier Men's Tennis  
Genther, Caroline Women's Swimming & Diving
Glover, Amy Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Jernakoff, Melissa Field Hockey 
Kaplan, Casey Women's Lacrosse  
Kelley, Jack Men's Track & Field
Lajoie, Rebekah Softball
LeClair, Hannah Field Hockey
Macksoud, Angela Women's Lacrosse  
Malcom, John Men's Basketball
McLintock, Julia Softball  
Ortiz, Samantha Women's Soccer
Parent, Lauryn Women's Soccer  
Paul, Jordyn Women's Tennis  
Pet, Eva Women's Swimming & Diving
Pucci, Mikayla Women's Basketball  
Retzel, Karli Women's Basketball  
Sajedi, Francesca Synchro  
Shafer, Margaret Volleyball  
Spear, Saralynn Women's Track & Field
Stevens, Blake Men's Tennis  
Tarzanin, Nicholas Men's Lacrosse  
Trudeau, Danielle Women's Lacrosse 
Vanini, Nicholas Men's Soccer  
Yates, Sarah Field Hockey  



Acosta, Alexis Women's Tennis
Akindolie, Elijah Men's Track & Field
Byrnes, Kathryn Women's Soccer
Carr, Lena Women's Basketball  
Dagan, Zachary Men's Basketball  
El-Hajj, Chelsea Women's Track & Field
Flesher, Emma Women's Swimming & Diving
Foley, Kayleigh Women's Swimming & Diving
Garabedian, Kayla Women's Track & Field
Heinonen, Lauriina Synchro  
Hernaez Sanz, David Men's Tennis  
Hubbard, Mackenzie Women's Soccer
Jacobs, William Men's Track & Field
Keller, Tristan Softball
Leckbee, Katherine Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Len, Mia Women's Basketball  
Lopresti, Tessa Synchro
Love, Jessica Women's Swimming & Diving
MacLaughlin, Delia Women's Swimming & Diving
McCreight, Haley Volleyball  
McIntyre, Brennan Men's Swimming & Diving/Lacrosse
Murray, Mia Women's Lacrosse  
Nickerson, Alex Men's Soccer  
Pritchard, Sarah Softball  
Rogliano, Antonio Men's Soccer  
Seifert, Phoebe Field Hockey  
Shore, Sadie Women's Basketball  
Steinberg, Katherine Women's Soccer  
Sun, Tianrui Men's Track & Field
Van Dyne, Chloe Women's Track & Field
Walker, Margaret Women's Track & Field
Williams, Elizabeth Field Hockey 
Young, Griffin Baseball