FELLOWSHIP: Scammon Helps Others in Concord

FELLOWSHIP: Scammon Helps Others in Concord

NORTON, Mass. - Several Wheaton College student-athletes have earned fellowships this summer through the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services that will enrich their academic experiences. 

The Davis International and Porter Cleveland fellowships are just a few examples of the Wheaton Edge – a promise that every single student will receive financial support for an internship, research position or other experiential learning opportunity by the time they graduate.

Throughout the summer, the athletics department will feature the student-athletes taking part in these fellowships, including a forward from the women's soccer team Lily Scammon '20

A psychology major, Scammon will intern at Family Promise of Greater Concord and Concord Hospital in Concord, N.H. 

Wheaton Athletics: Tell me a little bit about your fellowship. 

Lily Scammon: I am interning at a homeless center, Family Promise of Greater Concord, where I sit in on case management meetings with the families, as well as create various documents to help the day center run smoothly including chore charts for the families, church locations, and addresses where the food will be served, and planned absence forms. I also do a lot of data entry such as donations and contact lists. Lastly, I manage their Facebook page.

I also am volunteering at the Concord Hospital in the emergency department. I get to talk to patients and family and help make them comfortable in the waiting room as well as in the patient rooms. I can get them refreshments, blankets, magazines, tissues, etc.

WA: What interested you in the fellowship? 

LS: All I am really sure about in terms of a career path is that I really like to help people. And both my internship and volunteer opportunities clearly allow me to do that.  

WA: What experiences are you hoping to gain from your fellowship? 

LS: I hope to be more confident in my people skills, as well as more informed about nonprofit work.

WA: What are your career aspirations and how will this help you achieve them? 

LS:hope to be in psychology somewhere, helping out people. Both the homeless center and hospital allow me to make direct personal connections with people in need of help.

WA: How will this experience make you a better leader at Wheaton and on your team? 

LS: I will feel more in tune with how lucky I am, as well as be able to communicate with my peers and teammates more efficiently and in a more understanding way.

WA: Finally, why do you think these opportunities are beneficial to Wheaton students? 

LS: They allow students to get involved in work that they might not otherwise be able to do since the organizations they are pursuing do not need to fund them.

Scammon with Karen Olsen, the founder of Family Promise. Said Scammon "She's awesome!"