Wheaton Athletics Spotlight: Emily Kiablick

Head coach Emily Kiablick
Head coach Emily Kiablick

Norton, Mass.- Our next spolight is Emily Kiablick, the Head Coach for Women's Lacrosse, as the Wheaton Lyons will be zoning in on staff, student-athletes, and alumni that help make Wheaton Athletics such a special place. Be sure to check out our next spotlight on Friday.

Name: Emily Kiablick  

Position: Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

Years at Wheaton: 11

Hometown: Northfield, Massachusetts (Presently Sandwich, MA)

Schooling: Springfield College '01, Springfield College G '03

Question & Answer

What do you love about working at Wheaton College? 

As a coach I love the whole progression of the year. Coming into fall ball and assessing how new students will mesh with veteran players. Second semester I really love getting to work on the tactical game that will best play up to our strengths and managing our season so our team is playing the best lacrosse they've ever played come late April. 

Along those lines I really love the relationships we build with our athletes.  We meet these players in their sophomore/junior year of high school, coach them through Wheaton and then we get to have life long relationships with them as alumni. 

What do you enjoy outside of work? 

I love spending time with family. My children have 14 cousins so family get-togethers are always a good time. Our favorite pastimes are spending our summers swimming on Cape Cod and our annual ski trip to Vermont. 

What was your path to end up at Wheaton?

I realized in graduate school that I loved coaching and wanted to do this full time. At the time I was the assistant Soccer Coach at Wesleyan University and the assistant Lacrosse Coach at Springfield College. At the conclusions of graduate school, I was hired as the Head Soccer and Lacrosse Coach at Roger Williams University. After 7 1/2 years there I made the move to Wheaton

How do you enhance the student-athlete experience?

I'm not sure I am enhancing it except to set the standards and then do my job. The athletes enhance their own experience by making the commitment to our program….the commitment to the college. Every time we step on the game field we get to represent Wheaton and to do that well we have to put a lot of time and effort into how we prepare. Being a part of something so consuming with so many other like-minded people is very powerful. Any of us would be lucky to experience even a fraction of this camaraderie in any other aspect of life. 

What is your most memorable memory at Wheaton?

I would say the entire day of our 2014 NEWMAC Championship was pretty memorable but to pick one aspect of that day I would say it was the breakfast sandwiches. The parents arrived early and got their grills going and made some amazing breakfast sandwiches. Not all heroes wear capes….some make breakfast sandwiches. 


Rapid Fire Questions 

Favorite place to eat in Norton? Emerson Dining Hall

Favorite event to attend at Wheaton College? Annual Senior Art Show. Will there be an online Gallery this year? Send me the link. 

Favorite sports team? Besides Wheaton Women's Lacrosse? Wheaton Field Hockey. I've been working their games for years….the future is looking very bright for them. 

Favorite place on the Wheaton College Campus? Diane Nordin Field

Favorite Movie? Rad BMX (1986) youtube it!