Wheaton Athletics Spotlight: Chloe Troy

Wheaton Athletics Spotlight: Chloe Troy

Norton, Mass.- Today's spotlight is Women's Soccer player, Chloe Troy. Troy was an All-Region performer this year as a sophomore scoring 11 goals while adding 7 assists. Troy comes from a Wheaton family as both her mother and aunt attended Wheaton. Her mother, Kimberly Welburn Troy graduated in 1994 and was a member of the club soccer team at the time. Her aunt, Courtney Welburn Sawicki graduated in 1995 and was a member of the field hockey team. Be sure to check out our next spotlight on Friday.

Name: Chloe Troy

Major: English and Education

Sport: Women's Soccer

Graduation Year: 2022

Hometown: Wethersfield, CT

High School: Wethersfield High School

Question & Answer

How did you get into soccer?

I have always played soccer, so I don't necessarily think that there was a particular moment, my parents just loved soccer and I think I just got the genes to also love it. But I would definitely say that I started loving soccer when I went to a Women's National Team game with my dad and my sister. Watching them play live was amazing and made me realize I wanted to play soccer for as long as I could. 

What brought you to Wheaton?

My mom is one of my biggest role models in life and she attended Wheaton. At first, I was against this because I didn't want to "copy her" per se, but I ended up checking out the campus with her and knew immediately that it was going to be my second home. 

What hobbies do you have outside of soccer?

Outside of soccer, I love to paint, read, and sail in the summers when I can. 

What is your favorite part of Wheaton Women's Soccer?

My favorite part about Wheaton soccer is the family mentality. I've met my best friends for life through this team, and knowing I take the field with those same people, who I have gotten so close to, is a once in a lifetime experience. 

What is your most memorable memory at Wheaton?

My most memorable memory at Wheaton was definitely the last Head of the Peacock race. A lot of the girls on the team signed up for it and it was just the funniest thing ever. It made it even better when we had a spring practice right after. 

Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite place to eat in Norton? Chipotle (Mansfield but it counts)

Favorite event to attend at Wheaton College? Spring Weekend

Favorite sports team? Wheaton Women's Soccer of course, and Manchester City

Favorite place on the Wheaton College Campus? Emerson Dining Hall aka "Emmy"

Favorite Movie? Mulan