Wheaton Athletics Spotlight: Brooke Marshall

Wheaton Athletics Spotlight: Brooke Marshall

Name: Brooke Marshall

Position: Head Field Hockey Coach

Years at Wheaton: 1

Hometown: Bow, New Hampshire

Schooling: BS University of New England 2017, MS Smith College 2019

Question & Answer

What do you love about working at Wheaton College? 

I'm going to shake things up and give a very original answer here - the people! There's a reason so many of us have recognized the people of the Wheaton community as being the most enjoyable part of our job. The level of passion that our staff, faculty, and student-athletes show is unparalleled. In my first year as a head coach, I've been touched by the amount of support I've received from my colleagues and the level of dedication I've seen in my team. That alone makes this place special. 

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I love spending time outdoors, and as a true New Englander the cold weather doesn't stop me! Hiking, skiing, and rock climbing are what I enjoy the most when I'm not working. I've also recently taken up woodburning, but we'll see how that pans out.

What was your path to end up at Wheaton?

After earning my Bachelor's in Applied Exercise Science at the University of New England, I worked as a Graduate Assistant Coach for two years at Smith College where I received my Masters in Exercise and Sport Studies. Last spring I was fortunate enough to start working at Wheaton, and it's been an amazing first year as head coach.

How do you enhance the student-athlete experience?

I try to empower our student-athletes by helping them push outside of their comfort zone to reach their fullest potential, on and off the field. I truly value the relationship I have with each student-athlete and hope that it acts as the foundation that allows them to try new things without the fear of failure. 

What is your most memorable memory at Wheaton?

In my first year at Wheaton, there have been a number of milestones and "firsts" that will forever be ingrained in my memory. But my most memorable experience was the last game of our 2019 season. The feeling I got watching our team come together and play the style of hockey that we'd been working on all year, will full effort and 110% heart, is indescribable. I was beyond proud of how much we'd improved as a team and excited about what the future holds for us. 

Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite place to eat in Norton? Bagels and Cream. Sometimes twice a day...

Favorite event to attend at Wheaton College? Head of the Peacock

Favorite sports team? New England Patriots

Favorite place on the Wheaton College Campus? Diane Nordin '80 Turf Field

Favorite Movie? It's a toss-up between Miracle and the Blind Side