Wheaton Athletics Spotlight: Jade Assad '19

Wheaton Athletics Spotlight: Jade Assad '19

Norton, Mass.- Today's spotlight is on alumni Jade Assad '19, a former member of the Wheaton College Softball team, as the Wheaton Lyons will be zoning in on staff, alumni and student-athletes that make Wheaton College such a special place. Assad also graduated from Wheaton College in three years and in her senior year (3rd year) finished with the highest GPA amoung female senior athletes. 

Name: Jade Assad

Major: Business and Management with a Concentration in Analytics and New Media

Sport: Softball

Year: 2019

Hometown: Lambertville, NJ

Question & Answer

What was your path to end up at Wheaton College? 

  • I met Coach Powers at a summer softball showcase in Rhode Island. She told me about Wheaton and said I should really come do a campus visit. At first, I wasn't going to, but she truly showed me she cared about her team and players. She even drove all the way down to NJ to watch me play one set of high school volleyball and talk! After that, I did my overnight at Wheaton and was sold on the school and the team. 

How did you get into softball?

  • Growing up, my older sister would be playing softball on the front lawn with my dad. I would sit on the grass and watch them, just waiting to be old enough to go play with them. Then when I was seven, I started practicing with them. Anything my sister would do, I would try to copy it exactly. Playing softball quickly became a family activity that I would look forward too. That's where my love of the game began. 

What was your favorite part about Wheaton Softball? 

  • The Softball team does this thing called "Secret Sister" before every Away Conference game. For the whole season, you are assigned a teammate to write encouraging notes too and leave them a little snack or treat with it. Before games, it's amazing to see how much your teammates care, believe in you, and appreciate all the hard-work you put into training. The Secret Sister web truly connects that entire team and let's everyone know how much of an integral part of the team they are. 

  • A special thank you to my Secret Sister my senior year. She used to leave me elaborate motivational drawings that I would put into my game-day arm band and look at when I needed a pick me up. I still have them all to this day ☺

What has your journey been following Wheaton College? What are you up to now?

  • Following my graduation at Wheaton, I have been working full-time at Citi bank's global headquarters in New York City. I was accepted into a rotational program that will allow me to work in different parts of the bank for the next three years and then decide which part I want to stay in. 

  • I have also been able to travel over fifteen cities across five countries in the past year and I am a Big Sister for Big Brother Big Sister in NYC.

What is your most memorable moment from your years spent at Wheaton College?

  • I have two memories from my college experience that I will forever be grateful to Wheaton for. The first was when I was studying abroad in Bhutan and I made it to the top of my first Himalayan Mountain called "Taktsang" (or Tiger's Nest). Without Wheaton's connection to Royal Thimphu College in Bhutan, those five months and once in a lifetime experiences would not be possible. 

  • My second favorite memory was teaching in Ghana with President Hanno. The night before my student's Final Presentation, me and another Wheaton student were with the class until almost nine o'clock making finishing touches to their project. Seeing how proud those students were about what they created was incredibly inspiring.  


Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite place to eat in Norton, Ma?

Bagels and Cream! Snickerdoodle Iced Coffee and a French Toast Bagel ☺

Favorite event to attend at Wheaton College?

Spring Weekend

Favorite sports team?

New England Patriots

Favorite place on the Wheaton College campus?

Clark Rec Center – Softball hangs out, does homework, eats food, and meets there

Favorite movie?

Now You See Me