1941 Wheaton Tritons
1941 Wheaton Tritons
Induction Year: 2015
Class: 2nd
Sport (s): Synchronized Swimming

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The Tritons were formed on April 16, 1941 and later organized a varsity swimming club on April 26, 1941, which, over time, became today’s current synchronized swimming team at Wheaton. During the early stages of the club, Miss Brady and Miss Mott were picked as supervisors, while the swimmers worked on their formations. The Triton pin, which has become the national emblem of synchronized swimming, was also devised at that time. There were 17 charter members of the Tritons as early as October 18, 1941, and the group performed at the Boston YMCA. In October of 1955, Wheaton proposed a conference of Eastern colleges to set up the Association of Synchronized Swimming for college women. The next month, Notre Dame, Barnard, Penn, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Wellesley, UMass, Brooklyn, Jackson, Bouve, Cortland State, Syracuse and Buffalo came to Norton. At the next annual conference, the Triton was chosen as the emblem, honoring Wheaton as the founder of the association. In 1959, 75 colleges attended the conference and the membership was nationwide. The Tritons attended when the conference was in the East. The Tritons also appeared at many Play Days and at special symposia and gave demonstrations at Veterans Hospitals and carnivals, as well as may Wheaton events.