Wheaton College Athletics Yowell Hall of Fame

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The Wheaton College Athletics Yowell Hall of Fame (HOF), founded in 2013, is intended to honor and give lasting recognition to those individuals who, either through participation, support or interest, have made outstanding contributions in the athletics arena, and specifically to the Wheaton College athletics program. The individuals and teams enshrined within have not only brought recognition, honor, distinction and excellence to Wheaton and its intercollegiate athletics program, they have also continued to demonstrate in their lives the values imparted by intercollegiate athletics. Inductions to the Hall of Fame will occur every other year.

It is also the purpose of the Wheaton College Athletics Yowell Hall of Fame to promote greater interest in the Wheaton athletics program among alumnae/i, students, parents, and friends by honoring the legacy of those enshrined, who have contributed greatly to Wheaton's success.


Eligibility for Nomination and Selection

1. All nominees to the Athletics HOF must have maintained a record of good standing in their communities and their chosen fields of endeavor.  Moral character and good citizenship during their undergraduate/employment years is taken into consideration. The record of the nominee must be such that there are no questions of qualifying for the Athletics HOF.

2. Former varsity athletes may be nominated only if they have participated in two (2) full seasons of varsity athletics at Wheaton.

3. Any alumna/us whose class graduated at least ten years prior is eligible for nomination to the HOF. The nomination of someone who attended Wheaton but did not graduate may be accepted only upon approval of a majority of all members of the Selection Committee.

4. Nominations may also include Wheaton alumnae/i who have made outstanding contributions or offered extraordinary service to athletics at Wheaton during their undergraduate years. (This includes all Wheaton graduates except as defined in Article II: 2.) The Selection Committee may also consider alumnae/i who did not participate in varsity athletics at Wheaton, or who had a limited varsity career, but who later achieved great success in athletics as a coach or player at the professional or international levels, as a coach at another institution, or as an administrator at the NCAA, professional or international levels. The Selection Committee may also consider candidates who have participated in varsity athletics at Wheaton and who have gone on to demonstrate the values imparted by intercollegiate athletics in their lives by exhibiting leadership in the areas of alumnae/i or civic service, or career success.

5.  Nominations may also include teams, coaches, trainers, and others who have offered similarly outstanding service and lasting contributions. Current staff members are eligible for nomination; all nominees in this category must have worked at the college for a minimum of five (5) years.

6. The nominee should be willing to be present, if physically possible, for induction at the scheduled HOF ceremony.

Special Hall of Fame Membership

1. Charter Member -- individuals who, by the superior nature of their achievements, are inducted into the HOF in the inaugural year of the program by the selection committee.  Charter Members do not have to meet the 10-year requirement. Charter members are identified and selected by a committee assigned by the Director of Athletics.

2. Pioneer member -- alumnae who attended the college prior to 1980 and participated in athletics at Wheaton. 

Nomination Procedure

1. Wheaton College alumna/us, faculty, staff, students and friends of the college will be encouraged to submit nominations to the selection committee.  However, in the charter class, all selections and nominations were made by the Hall of Fame Committee.

2. Periodic Announcements will be placed in the appropriate publications such as the Wheaton Quarterly, staff newsletters, Wheaton College website, mailings to alumna/us athletes and previous inductees.  Guidelines will be located on the Wheaton College website.

3. Nominations can be filled out online or within the athletic department. A letter on behalf of the nominee and three additional letters of recommendation must also be submitted to the chairperson of the Hall of Fame Committee. The deadline for receiving nominations is February 1 of any given year.


Joan Crowley ‘78
Matt Cushing
Keith Figlioli ’93
Marjorie Houston
LynAnn Mastaj ’81
Shawn Medeiros
John Sutyak ’00