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Fellowship Release | Blog Author - Emily Gustavson '17

Entry List:

1 - Abby Epplett, 2 - Samuel Zarfos, 3 - Kelsey Harris, 4 - Sydney Ferrell, 5 - Georgia Crane, 6 - Rebecca Olivieri, 7 - Hannah Gasperoni

Entry 1 - Abby Epplett '18
Wheaton Fellow | Treasures Upscale Thrift Store

Rising sophomore and member of the Wheaton’s women’s track and field team, Abby Epplett ’18 is currently working at Treasures Upscale Thrift Store located in North Grafton, Mass. which is just a few miles north of her hometown, Uxbridge, Mass.

Epplett is not only creating a social media campaign for Treasures Upscale Thrift Store, but also working as a manager in the story. While some of Epplett’s work involves tasks such as sorting through the donations, and stocking the shelves, as well as maintenance work, a majority of her work involves offering her technical know-how to her fellow managers and other employees at Treasures.

Epplett spoke about her experience working at Treasures stating,  “between giving back to my school through my work and getting to know people better in my community, Treasures has been a way for me to connect with my micro-culture while earning money for college; in essence this is the best of both worlds.”

Epplett is also giving back to her community in her position as well.

 “Since Treasures is run by volunteers, virtually all earnings are given to my grade school (Whitinsville Christian), enabling tuition costs to remain low,” said Epplett. 

So far, Epplett has worked on rebranding the thrift shop by designing a new logo, and she is currently working on creating a website for Treasures Upscale Thrift Store, which she states will hopefully be live in ten to 15 days. She is also helping bring technology to the business by teaching her co-workers the basics of using the Internet in order to promote the thrift store. She also says it is very interesting to hear the stories and life experiences from her co-workers at Treasures.

At Wheaton, Epplett remains involved in more than just athletics. She plays the violin for the Greater Woods Chamber Orchestra, as well as the World Music Ensemble, and though she has yet to declare a major she is a prospective Creative Writing major with a minor in Graphic Design.

Entry 2 - Samuel Zarfos '17
Davis International Fellow | The Atlantis Project
(Photos courtesy Samuel Zarfos '17)

- A chemistry major on the pre-med track, Zarfos will shadow and assist doctors in public hospitals in Portugal and teach English in the local community through The Atlantis Project. Here are some photos from Zarfos' trip to Portugal so far.

Huge shout out to Dr. Dinis Martins and team for allowing me to observe multiple surgeries today! Dr. Dinis Martins is very passionate about the field of Cardiology and is very interested in its future and making it as bright as possible! He took the time to thoroughly explain to me what he was doing and why. I am very grateful to be in Saõ Miguel shadowing specialists and immersing myself in the culture. I'm even more thankful to have been shadowing him because he not one works in the field that I am most interested in, but he is passionate about it, and that made it all the more special. Thank you Dr. Dinis Martins for a wonderful day, and Thank you to all who helped me get the chance to experience all of this. I look forward to all of the experiences that await me during the remainder of my time here!

A photo posted by Samuel Zarfos (@samuelzarfos) on Jun 12, 2015 at 9:45am PDT


Entry 3 - Kelsey Harris '16
Wheaton Fellow | BeAthletic Sports Performance Program

Kelsey Harris ’16 is a member of Wheaton’s field hockey team who is currently working in an internship revolving around strength and conditioning at the College of Holy Cross. In the interview below, Harris talks about getting the opportunity, as well as all that she has learned so far working there.

Where are you interning/volunteering/working this summer?

I'm at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass.

How did you get this opportunity?

I got this opportunity through contacting the head strength and conditioning director at Holy Cross. I used to train there when I was younger and when I decided this was an interest of mine that I wanted to look into further I contacted him about a coaching internship for the summer. He was happy to offer me a position and I'm happy to have accepted!

What are your responsibilities?

On a day to day basis we get in around 5:45-7am depending on if the Holy Cross football team has a rest day, then we help with form and coach athletes to push themselves to be there best. We have four morning groups: football, pro hockey, elite hockey, and collegiate. Then there are three afternoon sessions that consist of younger/beginner athletes. We help to teach them the correct form in Olympic lifts and bring them through speed training and conditioning. I work alongside eight other interns throughout the day and we usually end around 7pm.

What have you learned through this experience?

So far my experience has been outstanding, I have learned so much and am continuing to learn. It has really inspired me to pursue my interest in strength and conditioning coaching and I'm excited to bring all that I have learned back to our team lifts in the fall.

Entry 4 - Sydney Ferrell '17
Wheaton Fellow | The Ragdoll Project

Sydney Ferrell ’17, who is a member of the women’s soccer team, is currently working as a Healing Arts intern (HAI), with The Ragdoll Project, and the Something To Say Retreat, both located in Pasadena, Calif. The Ragdoll Project uses art (in the form of doll making, music, writing, etc.) to work towards healing and embodiment, while the Something To Say Retreat is a healing arts weekend for black men ages 18-24. The Something To Say Retreat allows everyone involved with the project to use art to tell their stories. Part of Ferrell’s job will be to help organize the retreat in a way that will maximize effectiveness.

Ferrell was able to find this internship through the Filene Center. She was connected with alum Ebony Williams.

“Initially I was planning on asking (Ebony) about non-profit work,” Ferrell says, “but then I realized I wanted to become a part of her project.”

Ferrell also spoke of the people she will be working with “All were artists. Each artist was an expert in their medium and spoke so articulately about what they wanted to achieve in their workshops.” With these people Ferrell will be working to organize and run these workshops.

When asked about the experience so far, Ferrell stated “It was amazing to be surrounded by such creative minds... After only one meeting I am truly hooked and very excited to start making a difference.”

Entry 5 - Georgia Crane '16
Robert College Fellow | Istanbul, Turkey

Georgia Crane ‘16, who is a member of Wheaton’s cross country and track & field teams, is currently working as a camp counselor at Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey. In order to get this opportunity she went through a series of interviews that were offered at Wheaton College. The first one included a standard interview, and the second round involved skits of different activities that she would do as a camp counselor.

Her responsibilities are simply “to make sure that (the campers) have the best summer possible” this includes creating and engaging in activities for the participants. Each student signs up for activities that the counselors create, one that requires the students to try something out of their comfort zone, and the other requires the students to leave the camp with a finished product. Crane also creates a new activity weekly called the “Hour of Happiness."

Crane states “as a whole this experience has been incredible. I have only been here a little over a week and I already consider the people here my family. I have never felt so at home somewhere so fast.” She finished her interview stating “I am already having the time of my life here and I still have so much more to discover and do!”

Entry 6 - Rebecca Olivieri '17
Wheaton Fellow | South Shore YMCA

Q - Where are you interning/volunteering/working this summer?
A - I'm interning at the Partnership Program at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Mass.

Q - How did you get this opportunity?
A - I reached out to the director Ali McMinn who was looking for volunteers to be paired up to help her patients through their workout programs.

Q - What are your responsibilities?
A - The Partnership Program pairs a master trainer with a member with disabilities and their volunteer partner. Ali and a few of the very experienced patients have taught me how to properly use the specialized strength and cardiovascular equipment. I also help develop the members' workout programs and walk them through the different exercises.

Q - Is there anything else you would like to add about your experiences so far with the South Shore YMCA?
A - As an aspiring physical therapist, this summer internship experience has given me the hands on opportunity to learn how to work with patients with disabilities to enhance their wellbeing through exercise. And of course I couldn't forget the incredibly friendly and welcoming staff and members that have been a pleasure to work with.

(One of the many very friendly members who is posing while on our Ergometer FES bike).

(The RT300-S Ergometer FES leg cycle that I was trained on to help patients use).

Entry 7 - Hannah Gasperoni '17
Wheaton Fellow | Tufts Medical School's Department of Public Health

Hannah Gasperoni ’17, a member of the women's lacrosse lacrosse team, is interning at Tufts University School of Medicine in the Department of Public Health.

“I was interested in finding a public health internship in Boston and reached out to several professors at medical schools that were conducting interesting research," stated Gasperoni. "I was offered a position with Professor Tom Stopka at Tufts and was able to fund that opportunity through a Wheaton Fellowship.”

Currently, Gasperoni is working on the IDU Care Project for Tufts, which focuses on injection drug users as well as HIV/HCV prevention. She calls pharmacies in Massachusetts surveying them on things such as syringe sales, and overdose reversal drugs. They then use this data and compare it to hot spots of HIV/HCV.

Throughout the internship, Gasperoni will continue to collect data on the habits of injection drug users to help work towards publishing the information gathered. She also hat the opportunity to attend a legislative breakfast at AIDS Project Worcester, which also included an open forum and presentations.

Gasperoni’s final words on the internship were, “I have really enjoyed my time working at Tufts so far. I feel that I have learned a lot about the current public health issue that is of interest and importance to me, as well as gained experience working with a research team.”