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Director of Athletics Communications 
Kristian Martin
Office: (508) 286-3768
Fax: (508) 286-8249

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26 E. Main Street           
Norton, Mass. 02766

The Wheaton College athletic communications staff provides coverage and media services for all 21 of the institution's varsity athletics programs. 


Interviews with student-athletes, coaches and administrators may only be arranged through the sports information staff. Post-game interviews with student-athletes or coaches will be conducted either following a 10-minute post-game cooling off period or after a coach has released the team. If you have a specific student-athlete you would like to interview, please let the sports information staff know well before the end of the contest.

Game Day Coverage and Press Passes

Any media member covering a game, match or other contest hosted by Wheaton is asked to reserve a press credential at least 24 hours prior to the event.


Any visiting radio broadcasts must reserve their seating and phone lines at least two weeks in advance of the covered event.


Photographers are asked to stay in the respective end zones for basketball. For all other sports, standard shooting spots may be utilized. Similar policies apply for credentials and seating reservations.