Wheaton Athletic Mentors

The Wheaton Athletic Mentors (WAMs), which is the school's student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC), are a select group of student-athletes who provide a forum for the student-athletes and to serve as a liaison between the student-athletes and administration at the academic and athletic levels. The WAMs design and implement programs to encourage academic achievement, health promotion, and social responsibility to enhance the student-athlete experience. Follow the WAMs on twitter: @LyonWAMS

2018-19 WAMs Executive Board


Cathryn MacGregor '19


Rob O'Rourk '19


Amy Livermore '19


Jordan Brazis-Eberle '19

2018-19 WAMs Committee Membership

Hometown Team
Nick Raposo full bio Nick Raposo Cl.: So Hometown: Johnston, R.I. Team: Baseball
Gavin Reily full bio Gavin Reily Cl.: Fr Hometown: Bridgewater, Mass. Team: Baseball
Jordan Brazis-Eberle full bio Jordan Brazis-Eberle Cl.: Sr Hometown: Slingerlands, N.Y. Team: Field Hockey
Morgan Karnes full bio Morgan Karnes Cl.: Jr Hometown: Durham, Maine Team: Field Hockey
David Carbonello full bio David Carbonello Cl.: Jr Hometown: Windham, N.H. Team: Men's Basketball
Duaka Ekwensi full bio Duaka Ekwensi Cl.: Jr Hometown: Morris Plains, N.J. Team: Men's Basketball
Riley Tetreault full bio Riley Tetreault Cl.: Jr Hometown: Walpole, Mass. Team: Men's Basketball
Luke Thombs full bio Luke Thombs Cl.: So Hometown: Monmouth, Maine Team: Men's Cross Country
Will Entwisle full bio Will Entwisle Cl.: So Hometown: Sedgwick, Maine Team: Men's Cross Country
James Marcucella full bio James Marcucella Cl.: Jr Hometown: Reading, Mass. Team: Men's Lacrosse
Rob O'Rourk full bio Rob O'Rourk Cl.: Jr Hometown: Rocky Point, N.Y. Team: Men's Lacrosse
Curran Wait full bio Curran Wait Cl.: Jr Hometown: Scituate, Mass. Team: Men's Soccer
Thomas Gatanis full bio Thomas Gatanis Cl.: Jr Hometown: New York, N.Y. Team: Men's Soccer
Trevor Ragas full bio Trevor Ragas Cl.: So Hometown: Lakeville, Mass. Team: Men's Swimming & Diving
Timmer Sposato full bio Timmer Sposato Cl.: Jr Hometown: Gorham, Maine Team: Men's Swimming & Diving
Nick Hotary full bio Nick Hotary Cl.: Jr Hometown: Salem, Conn. Team: Men's Tennis
Jeremiah Ryser full bio Jeremiah Ryser Cl.: Jr Hometown: Cross River, N.Y. Team: Men's Tennis
Zach Strempel full bio Zach Strempel Cl.: So Hometown: Longmeadow, Mass. Team: Men's Tennis
Bobby Pedersen full bio Bobby Pedersen Cl.: Jr Hometown: Acton, Mass. Team: Men's Track & Field
Emily Schlapak full bio Emily Schlapak Cl.: Jr Hometown: Dover, N.H. Team: Softball
Chloe Woodward full bio Chloe Woodward Cl.: Jr Hometown: Bellingham, Mass. Team: Softball
Emma Stump full bio Emma Stump Cl.: Jr Hometown: Cornelius, N.C. Team: Synchronized Swimming
Maxie Zimmerman full bio Maxie Zimmerman Cl.: Jr Hometown: North Andover, Mass. Team: Synchronized Swimming
Becca Houghton full bio Becca Houghton Cl.: Jr Hometown: Emmaus, Penn. Team: Volleyball
Cat MacGregor full bio Cat MacGregor Cl.: Sr Hometown: North Andover, Mass. Team: Volleyball
Mikayla Pucci full bio Mikayla Pucci Cl.: Fr Hometown: Hopkinton, Mass. Team: Women's Basketball
Natalie Wind full bio Natalie Wind Cl.: So Hometown: New Canaan, Conn. Team: Women's Basketball
Gina Pardi full bio Gina Pardi Cl.: Jr Hometown: Falmouth, Maine Team: Women's Cross Country
Lilly Callahan full bio Lilly Callahan Cl.: So Hometown: Wilbraham, Mass. Team: Women's Lacrosse
Molly Covarrubias full bio Molly Covarrubias Cl.: So Hometown: Framingham, Mass. Team: Women's Lacrosse
Maggie Dymes full bio Maggie Dymes Cl.: Fr Hometown: Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y. Team: Women's Lacrosse
Blake Ferretti full bio Blake Ferretti Cl.: So Hometown: Cranston, R.I. Team: Women's Lacrosse
Amy Livermore full bio Amy Livermore Cl.: Jr Hometown: Wilbraham, Mass. Team: Women's Lacrosse
Logan Ahearn full bio Logan Ahearn Cl.: Sr Hometown: Westford, Mass. Team: Women's Soccer
Alexa Barbagallo full bio Alexa Barbagallo Cl.: Jr Hometown: Bridgewater, N.J. Team: Women's Soccer
Lily Scammon full bio Lily Scammon Cl.: Jr Hometown: Hopkinton, N.H. Team: Women's Soccer
Holly Cohan full bio Holly Cohan Cl.: So Hometown: Melrose, Mass. Team: Women's Swimming & Diving
Kate Dransfield full bio Kate Dransfield Cl.: Jr Hometown: North Yarmouth, Maine Team: Women's Swimming & Diving
Connor O'Keefe full bio Connor O'Keefe Cl.: Jr Hometown: Lutz, Fla. Team: Women's Tennis
Harley Swainston full bio Harley Swainston Cl.: So Hometown: Hudsonville, Mich. Team: Women's Tennis
Briana Gausland full bio Briana Gausland Cl.: So Hometown: Barrington, R.I. Team: Women's Track and Field
Abby LeBlanc full bio Abby LeBlanc Cl.: So Hometown: Saco, Maine Team: Women's Track and Field
Ellen Shaw full bio Ellen Shaw Cl.: Fr Hometown: Scarborough, Maine Team: Women's Track and Field

Contact Information

If you would like to contact the WAMs, please do so through the WAMs Coordinators:

Emily Kiablick
WAMs Coordinator
26 East Main Street
Norton, MA 02766

Craig Letourneau
WAMs Coordinator
26 East Main Street
Norton, MA 02766


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WAMs Constitution
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