Synchronized Swimming Makes Home Debut

Synchronized Swimming Makes Home Debut

NORTON, Mass. - The Wheaton College synchronized swimming program made its 2020 home debut, hosting Stanford and Boston University in Balfour Natatorium on Saturday and Sunday. 

In figures A, Kelsey Dolack put together a score of 62.9327 after performing a thurst with a 360 spin, followed by a full twist, a cyclone/walkover, and a manta ray hybrid. Performing in the same group, Anjelina Romero earned a score of 52.2437.

B Figures, saw Wheaton's lone senior Maxie Zimmerman win the event after scoring a 72.8741 for her performance of a thrust/180 spin, twist spin, cyclone/walkover, and manta ray hybrid. Tessa Lopresti finished in second place with a score of 70.3436.

Wheaton put together another one, two finish, this time in C figures with Lauriina Heinonen winning the event with a score of 64.1860, while Sydney McLaren finished in second (60.7078). 

In the open swims, Zimmerman collected a third-place finish in the solo free final after being awarded a score of 68.4667. Lopresti finished right behind Zimmerman, earning a score of 68.4000. 

The pair were joined by Dolack, Heinonen, McClaren, and Romero in the team free final, finishing in second place with a score of 65.0333.

ERCOLI'S THOUGHTS: This home meet was a great way to show off our new routines. And we received great feedback from judges, which is what you are hoping for this point in the season. I'd like to thank Stanford and Boston University for making this meet competitive and fun.  We are pushing forward and turning our sights to the final home senior meet Feb 23rd. 

UP NEXT: Wheaton returns to the pool on Saturday, Feb. 22 at Yale.