BLOG: Women's Soccer Arrives in Scotland

BLOG: Women's Soccer Arrives in Scotland

Welcome to the Wheaton Women's Soccer Team Blog! On this page you will find, exciting updates, news, and everything there is to do with our first travel experiences as a team!

It was an absolutely thrilling first day in Edinburgh, Scotland! This was despite arriving and everyone feeling exhausted from our two flights and bus rides that left us feeling like a whole day of sightseeing, shopping, and hiking might be impossible. These feelings of fatigue were quick to diminish as we met our entertaining and passionate tour guide; Dominic. Dominic kindly escorted us around all day as he took us from the airport telling us stories about the history of Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole while he played Scottish music and ran with a flag up down the aisles to keep us both excited and awake. As Coach Bobby kept encouraging us not to nap and just keep pushing through to get accustomed to the time difference, we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and got going quickly to downtown Edinburgh where we shopped and Amanda got a little too excited about the street performers as she aided the performance of a man who was juggling knives.

After having free reign to choose our own lunch spot we would like to go to, Dominic brought us up to legendary Edinburgh castle. Here, we saw the Scotland Crown Jewels, learned so much about the history and lineage of the country, and admired the second best view of the day. The best view of the day was found after a hike that took us up the mountain overlooking Edinburgh; Arthur's Seat. It was a grueling 45 minutes to get up the mountain but the view was uncontested and completely worth it. The hike left us both famished and sweaty which resulted in a shower and some food at a local restaurant in the downtown area. After dinner, the team had the option of staying out and shopping but this was followed by many grunts and looks of doubt as everyone was finally crashing due to a straight 27 hours of being awake.

Overall, the first day of Scotland was amazing, stay tuned for more blog posts on here and even a vlog coming at the end of the trip to get a more in-depth look at our travels!



Women's Soccer Foreign Trip: Scotland 2018