BLOG #3: Lyons Travel to Stirling Castle

BLOG #3: Lyons Travel to Stirling Castle

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Another beautiful Scottish morning started with some quick packing and a long bus ride to take on the Hibernian Women's Academy in the Lyon's first game of the campaign. The game proved to be a tough one as the Lyons and the Hibs battled it out to a 3-3 draw. Obviously, we would have loved a win but the draw was a great result upon recognizing how much of a quality team the Hibs are.

After the match, a bus full of exhausted Lyons headed to Stirling Castle where they were free to explore the castle grounds and learn about all the history. The castle was absolutely astonishing, full of great viewpoints, carvings, and even a small cafe where most of the team stopped to get some food before sightseeing. After a long day full of playing soccer and traveling, the night was still not over.

The girls headed to one of Scotland's largest cities; Glasgow. With all the string lights above, countless amounts of restaurants, and even a large Christmas festival going on in the center of town, we could already tell that Glasgow was so full of life and going to be a memory that none of us were going to forget. Upon arrival at the hotel, Dominic bravely took all of our dirty laundry loops while we all headed up to change for dinner. Dinner was at a place most of us were familiar with in the states; The Hard Rock Cafe. With the rock music playing in the background, great conversations, and good food, it proved to be an amazing night after a long day.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, there will be no vlog today but stayed tuned for a day #4 vlog coming up tomorrow.


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